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Why Choose Us?

Quality, Transparency, and Opportunity

Why Us?: FAQ

QUALITY: We will be with you from start to finish to ensure a high-quality installation.

Other company's that have separate sales teams, operations divisions, and construction crews filled with workers that you do not know. Many times separate sales company funnel your business to other installers for a cut of the profits.

Sisu Solar is special because the person selling you solar will stick with you throughout the whole solar install process so that no information get slipped through the cracks from step to step. Each NABCEP certified Photovoltaic Installation Professional, will personally set up your contract, design your system, and physically install it so that your system is perfectly set up without any confusion along the way. You can rest well knowing that professionals will be creating your solar system.

TRANSPARENCY: We will be open and honest throughout the whole process.

From start to finish, the process of designing and installing a solar panel system can take months. We will walk you through every step of the process. Trust is of upmost importance to us, therefore all of our work is open for you to see and we will proudly explain every detail that goes into your future solar system. An overview of the installation process can be seen below:

  1. Site assessment: Based on your home, design preferences and utility usage, a free solar analysis will be provided before any agreements are made. This will show the hard numbers of your system like its payback period and financial return. To do all of this, we will come to your property and measure your roof space, take pictures, look in your attic, perform a shade analysis with a solar pathfinder, and analyze the best way to interconnect your house with solar.

  2. Design: We will design your system before you have to pay a penny out of your pocket, and will show you every reason for WHY it is designed as such so no questions are left unanswered.

  3. Contract Signing: After you see you're system's preliminary design, Rickey will walk you through financing options, terms of your contract, and the financial analysis for your solar investment. Once you are ready, you sign a construction contract so we can schedule you installation.

  4. Interconnection and Permitting: Prior to installation, we’ll work to get all necessary permissions from your utility company and local government. This may take the longest period of time. We also do all the incentive paperwork involved for rewards programs for solar if applicable.

  5. Installation: Once we have all approvals for interconnection and permitting, Rickey and his team will install your system for you. This will be done with safety in mind, all roof work will be done will safety harnesses. We will not rush to ensure your system will say up for over 30 years.

  6. Inspections/Commissioning: After your solar is up. It cannot be turned on right away. The system will need to be inspected by both the government and the electrical utility. These inspections sometimes take a month or so because of scheduling. Once these are done, then finally your system will be able to be turned on!

Maintenance: No maintenance is required for these systems. Ideally once we turn the system on, then you can forget about it for the next couple decades. The solar will passively generate electricity without any moving parts. The one optional bit of maintenance that you can do is raking the snow off the solar panels in the winter. Of course if something does happen, Sisu Solar will be happy to come back out to help get things running smoothly.

OPPORTUNITY: Now's the Time

Sisu Solar is a small company consisting of just a couple members. We have very little overhead compared to bigger solar installers in the area. We may nowt shine the brightest when it comes to advertising, marketing, and sales, but when it comes to setting people up with solar. We can install for a low reasonable price that beats out the competition.

The only better time to install solar was last year! There has never been a better time to buy solar. When including the increased value of your home, a solar investment is better than the average stock investment. Trends have energy prices going up 3% every year, but given the climate crisis that may skyrocket in the coming years.

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