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Minnesota Solar Incentives 

Depending on where you live and what electrical utility you have. Many offer great incentives to go solar! 

On this page it shows and summarizes the three main incentives that Sisu Solar works will most often that can help you with a solar installation.

To see the full list of all Federal and State incentives for energy efficiency improvements, go to and click on Minnesota!

Xcel Energy's Solar Rewards


If your electricity provider is Xcel, the 2023 Solar Rewards Program will give you $0.02 per kWh that your solar PV system produces over its first ten years.

30% Federal Solar Tax Credit


30% of what you pay for a solar installation will be given back to you as a tax credit for you to use that same year and carry over from year-to-year.

Minnesota Energy and Environment's Solar Loan


CEE is a nonprofit organization that can help those who want solar but cannot afford the upfront cost. With their loans you can get a great deal to get solar and still make a decent profit.

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