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Rickey Sipila

Founder of Sisu Solar

Hello, I'm Rickey! I'm a young solar professional looking to make the most of my abilities to help combat the climate crisis.

The inspiration that led to the creation of Sisu Solar stems from my involvement in solar car racing. As a long time member of the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project, I have helped build and race a full-sized car that can run completely off solar power. I made my way to to a director role and learned how to take initiative. This experience got me interested in solar power which led to me to get an internship at a solar installation company called TruNorth Solar.

At TruNorth Solar I learned all there is to know about solar installation. I worked as a lead solar installer and have help install over a Megawatt of solar on residential rooftops, ground mounts, and commercial flat roofs.

I have an NABCEP associates degree, an OSHA certification, a major in industrial and systems engineering at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and a minor in Leadership. I am highly qualified to install solar for you because I have studied the manuals of Ironridge racking systems, SolarEdge/Enphase power systems, and many different types of solar modules. I even created a 50-page standardized operating procedure for mechanical solar installation for pitched roofs.

With the leadership skills that I have gained and the hands-on experience from the many great opportunities that I've been so privileged to come by, I want to install and turn on as many solar systems as I can. Solar technology is one of many glaring solutions that will help the world become more sustainable. I'd like to spread the word and help people install solar themselves! 

I am always available to talk with you about your solar needs... or if you just want to talk! My number is 218-248-0212. Call me anytime!

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